Hands down, the easiest and tastiest frosting ever!

If you’re looking for a light and airy topping to elevate any dish, Cool Whipped Frosting is the perfect choice. Its velvety smoothness and simple preparation make it a favorite at social gatherings. This versatile frosting pairs beautifully with any cake or cupcake recipe, making it ideal for last-minute baking sessions when you want to infuse every bite with flavor.

You can’t go wrong with this delicious icing on almost any dessert. For a truly spectacular treat, try swirling it over lemon cupcakes, a plain pound cake, or a rich chocolate cake. Just before serving, garnish with grated chocolate or citrus zest for a beautiful contrast and enhanced flavor.

What You Need:
Eight ounces (about one container) of whipped topping, such as Cool Whip
One container of quick vanilla pudding mix, measuring 3.4 oz.
1 cup of milk (the best kind is whole or 2%).
1-tsp vanilla essence
What to do
Blend the pudding mix with the milk: Combine the milk and instant vanilla pudding mix in a medium bowl and whisk until smooth. Just let it a couple of minutes to thicken a little.
Boost with Vanilla Extract: Combine the pudding ingredients and stir in the vanilla essence.
Combine with Whipped Topping: Toss the pudding mixture with the whipped topping and gently fold to blend. To preserve the mixture’s light and fluffy texture, be cautious not to overmix.
Put in the fridge: Give the frosting half an hour to set in the fridge before you use it. Spreading or piping it onto delicacies will be a breeze with this.

You may garnish cakes and cupcakes with the icing or dip fruit in it; the choice is yours. It has a very smooth texture and is airy and light.


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