Dessert with 4 ingredients ready in just 10 minutes

Presenting a scrumptious sweet treat that thrills the palate with its simplicity and speed: the 4-Ingredient Dessert. In just ten minutes, this culinary wonder comes alive, offering up a delicious delight that’s impossible to resist. Its four ingredients demonstrate that cooking can be beautiful in its minimalism; when everything is pared down, there’s nothing left but pure flavor.

The journey begins with luxurious melted chocolate; its smoothness acts as the base for all other elements in this dessert masterpiece. Then comes condensed milk – a touch of sweetness that brings depth and richness to every bite. Next, you need something crispy like biscuits or cookies to add texture and excitement, taking your taste buds up another notch entirely! Finally, bright berries or nuts should be scattered on top for freshness and color balance, completing the whole shebang with style.

You’ll be amazed by how easy yet elegant this dish is to put together; knowing that within a few moments, you can enjoy one more cooking success story of yours! Whether guests are coming over or it’s just me-time, Dessert aux 4 Ingrédients fits any occasion perfectly well. And because it takes so little time to prepare, it becomes an ideal choice whenever sudden hunger strikes or unplanned parties happen around: everything needed for tastiness is always at hand.

However, its simple look can be deceiving because this dessert is filled with flavors that will satisfy even the most sophisticated taste buds. Every mouthful represents a mix of different tastes and textures and symbolizes the happiness brought by good food shared with loved ones. So why delay? In just ten minutes, using four ingredients you can never go wrong with, make yourself a dessert beyond the ordinary.


200g chocolate (bitter-sweet or semi-sweet), chopped

200g condensed milk

200g biscuits – crushed (digestive works well)

Fresh berries / nuts / desiccated coconut – for garnish (optional)


Start by melting the chocolate. You can do this by putting the chopped chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a pot of simmering water (double boiler method), stirring occasionally until melted and smooth. Another way to melt it is to put it in the microwave in short bursts, stirring after each interval so it doesn’t burn.

Take off from heat when fully melted and stir in sweetened condensed milk.

Add crushed biscuits or cookies into the mixture and mix well until they are all covered with chocolate.

Line a baking dish or tray with parchment paper or aluminum foil for easy clean up then pour/spread out evenltly using spatula the mixture into it.

You may sprinkle fresh berries, nuts or shredded coconut on top if you want more flavor and visual appeal.

Keep refrigerated for at least 1-2 hours until set.

Remove from fridge once chilled then cut into squares/bars before serving

Enjoy your delicious Dessert aux 4 Ingrédients!

This recipe is very flexible, so choose the biscuits, toppings and mix-ins that you like best. Whether you eat it as a fast snack or give it out as an extravagant dessert on special days, this treat is easy but tasty and will surely amaze anyone who sees it!


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