Turkish bread


°500 grams of flour

bread yeast

°Baker’s yeast 1 sachet(s)


°sugar 1 tbsp. soup

Greek yogurt

°Greek yogurt 100 grams

Hot water

°Hot water 35 cl


°salt 1 tbsp. soup


In hot water, break up yeast, sugar and salt. Include the water and drain to the flour, at that point

blend them well. Make beyond any doubt mixture is delicate & not sticky.Following, put it on a

floured work surface, and after that frame a ball. With a clammy cloth, cover the mixture and let it rise

at room temperature for 3 hours. Separate it into 4 parts. At that point shape each piece

into a level, circular mixture like pizza mixture. Cover the salve with a moist cloth, and let it rest for 15

minutes.On tall warm, warm a cast press skillet. Put the mixture in it and cook it for a

diminutive until brown spots show up on the foot. Flip the bread and cook for another diminutive.

Evacuate from warm and keep warm, wrapping in a clean tea towel. Rehash prepare with the

rest of pasta.At long last, keep uneaten turkish bread in an hermetically sealed container.


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